Feels of an Elder Millennial in a New Age Wedding Photography Industry


I loved this post and every word I could go on for days about this having seen the industry change since 2009 when I started weddings. I feel like people don’t want to work hard for it any longer, all about instant gratification. This can’t keep up with social media etc I’m too busy working hard and being a mama. Thank you for the post!

Absolutely! So well said. Wow 2009, I commend you so hard. You are amazing. Thank you for taking the time out to read my rant lol! Sending you a hug.

THIIIIISSSS. Coming from a new age, baby fresh and wild-eyed aspiring photographer, this is incredible! I already see a lot of this and I’ve barely dipped my toe into photography.

I do feel guilt of trying to learn as much as I can from online photography resources + mentors, but all of that comes to a hard stop if it infringes on someone’s work or someone taking advantage of another. You said all this so well + it needs to be shouted from the roof tops.

I have already given up at trying to post under a full moon, while wearing purple, and making a blood sacrifice to make a positive knock at the Instagram algorithm. Word of mouth, good friends, and busting my ass is truly the best way to do a job and do it well.

You’re such an inspiration + one of the first photographers i found on the silly app.

Please keep blogging and throwing down all the truth! <3

Blessed be the freaking fruit with this reply. Lmao had be crying laughing at the blood sacrifice. Thank you for reading and having it resonate with you. It means a lot. I’m so glad you replied. Your mind is gold! I hope to hear more from you. I love your thoughts. And for being a baby fresh aspiring photographer. I totally welcome you with warm arms. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Really great thoughts! As a Canadian looking at the US wedding industry I can see it’s a whole different beast! I find myself comparing myself to American photogs which isn’t fair to my work, but that’s exactly what social media instills in us. It seems like so much of social media is selling a certain wedding photographer lifestyle that doesn’t actually exist. It’s more like the hard work you put into your training and business to be successful!

100%!!!! I can’t speak for other countries, but what I have noticed in the US wedding industry, we are forgetting what the WEDDING industry is about. It’s about the couples in love, not about the editorial-like photos, or the features. And thus why I’ve seen a lot of photographers do away with even shooting weddings and just creating their own shoots or just doing couples shoots and call themselves wedding photographers. Just chasing likes that’s all a lot of them are doing. SMH.

Your perspective is so refreshing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I completely agree that something needs to be said about the changing world of wedding photography. While I think it’s great that it has become so accessible, that has also caused the problems you mentioned. As a wedding planner in my second year, I also recognize how accessible the profession is, but what I am trying to do is learn as much as I can and seek out mentors. I love how you called out the importance of education and mentorship. I am learning the importance of hustling and building my business over time, which I am ok with because I want it to last! Away with the instant gratification. I’m with you and in it for the long haul. If my couples are deciding where to splurge and save in their budget, I highly recommend to spend the extra money for a professional and experienced photographer. They will have these pictures for a lifetime and quality is of utmost importance.

YESSS girl! Yesss! Everything yes! I’m imagining us holding hands together and then doing a power punch to the sky! Let’s rock this wedding industry!